Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Bluebonnet - The State Flower of Texas

Texas is a land rich in its own brand of myth and lore, a state proudly known as The Lone Star State. The independent people who live there are the descendants of cowboys, ranchers and oilmen who founded this, the 2nd largest US state long ago. Now it has three huge cities and is loaded with natural resources that its people are proud of.


Perhaps one of its finest natural wonders is a flower known as the bluebonnet. It's the state flower of Texas and a wildflower that literally lights the country side in blue while it's blossoming. Although the bluebonnet hasn't become a major pick for gardens, it's a wildflower that you can recognize by its blooms which are bold blue at their base, fading to a whiter shade at the tip.

The star shaped leaves remind one of the Lone Star State that they're named after and many Texans are pleased to see visitors take pictures of the flowers while they pass through their state. It's a breathless sight to see the sea of brilliant blue that the bluebonnets bring to the land as they flow from hillside to open field.

The blooming season for bluebonnets only lasts through the spring months and by summer they've faded out. If you drive through during the springtime you can expect to see the flood of blue for yourself. They seem to wave on forever and ever, but if you want to pick one be careful. Many Texans will tell you it's illegal to do so, but don't worry, they're only telling a typical Texas tall tale. You're welcome to take a few home for yourself, but you might get a few strange looks for doing so since the natives are so used to them.

Growing Bluebonnets

Even though the bluebonnet is one of the most hearty plants in Texas, they aren't typically found in gardens due to the amount of sunlight they require. As long as you plant the seeds or transplants in Fall then you just might see them bloom in the spring if they established a good root network. Make sure the soil you plant them in is well drained if you want them to really take off.

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