Friday, 19 June 2009

Russia’s National Flower – the Chamomile

The flower called chamomile is known for its soothing properties. Moreover, the chamomile is also yet another beautiful flower with tons of health benefits at the same time. This is one of the main reasons why Russia chose this as their national flower. So, if you are going to delivery flowers to Russia, let it not be a chamomile, try to find something else. The features of the chamomile best suites the country which has a very wealthy culture and various natural exquisiteness. Russia is a large country that is filled with music, literature, and so much more that reflects is history. But there is no other thing that can connect the borders of Russia all together than this flora called chamomile.
Chamomile is a flower that is abundant with magnificence. This really came from the continent of Asia specifically at the western areas. Right now, it is not just Asia and the country of Russia that is growing chamomile plants. There are now different countries that are also growing and taking advantage of the benefits of the chamomile as well. The center of the chamomile has a sunny yellow color and its leaves are bright white. Aside from the beauty that it brings where the flower is placed, it also has medicinal values at the same time. Herbalists all around the world are into the benefits of chamomile. It can calm and it can even heal some ailments as well.
The plant called Chamomile
Since the chamomile has a strong aroma that resembles to the scent of a fruit, many indulge themselves to this plant. It is also popular for its calming and soothing effects at the same time. This is a great way for the people of Russia to be relaxed after a long day of work. Chamomile helps them to appreciate and be close to nature while enjoying its richness as well. And since it has a lot of purposes, you can find a lot of houses in Russia having chamomiles in their cottage garden or even inside their own homes.
Growing a chamomile
See to it that you place your pot of chamomile in an area that has abundant sunshine. Taking care of your chamomile plant is very essential since it only grows for a season. Therefore, you should choose the chamomile plant with abundant foliage.

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